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What does eating a regular brown negger make your neopets?

Read title: What does eating a regular brown negger do your neopets? I know that each neggs neggery grant special powers, but not regular neggs do things well, or just make your pet less hungry?

A plain Negga is worth 1 point in the neggery, and is simply a food. ~ and ~ Negg_o_pedia _totoro_ more information neggs on all different and what they do.

For some years now there has been this assumption that massively multiplayer online games are the future of the games of logic, not only for PC, but all games of chance. World of Warcraft than 11 million subscribers and plenty of imitators that followed it seemed to promise an endless source of money.

They have taken a lot income of the games industry in general and focused on some specific areas. For example, in the "old days" of demography were that 20% of the population of PC games accounted for 80% of revenue from PC games. But now, much of the hardcore are subscribed to an MMO and no longer buy from six to 12 games a year, but the purchase of two or three games a year, which is a great success.

Other publishers smelled gold and a ton of great renown MMO launches appeared: war hammer online, Age of Conan, Hellgate and Tabula Rasa. Two of them are already dead. The smart money thinks Conon on borrowed time. And, just weeks ago, EA revealed that Warhammer promising almost million subscribers have been reduced to 300,000. Suddenly, the future is so bright. Moreover, there are two opposite poles of MMOdom in the pipeline. In the big budget, the final mass of the appeal of the scale is Bioware Star Wars: The Old Republic, which could be the first to incorporate real MMO go beyond the world of Warcraft model. For the other man is a fascinating art-Love project, which is an encouraging sign that the MMO have a lot of new places to go.

In a third hand, MMO absolutely stonking continue doing business in Korea and China as well as the more casual guy, charming games such as Maple Story and Neopets have massive player base. The first, in all its various forms worldwide, has an astonishing 50 million subscribers. Thus, while the clones may Warcraft be shorter in supply expected in the coming years, there's a good chance that based on the browser and / or low casual MMO specification will more to define the future of PC gaming.

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