Pocket Learning System


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Pocket Learning System
Which is better? Nintendo DS, Game Boy, PSP or others?

My son, 5yrs old, very mature and intelligent for his age, however, has requested a handheld gaming system. He already has VSmile pocket, however it is more of matter of learning. He knows all that already. (He does the multiplication already) we would be surprised, perhaps, with one, but a family. What do you think?

Jdecorse25 Hello! Nintendo DS would be the best option for your child. The DS has games for all ages, so you'll get much use of it, even as it grows. It also has all the games of Nintendo, which is a big advantage for their age. Gameboys are soon not going to sell more and rarely are new games made for the Gameboys, so do not go with that. PSP is too complicated and is directed toward a older crowd, most games being rated M for mature. Even I find it confusing at times, and I have 15 years. Therefore, my recommendation is 100% Nintendo DS, due to its ease of use, wide range of fun games, and all around great quality. Good luck and I hope that was useful for you!

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