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Puzzle Totes
How to sort toys for their children?

I have 2 children, ages 3 and 5 and have all sorts of toys. I had a big box of toys in the room, but I was tired of looking at the toys all the time so I put the toy box in the basement playroom with the toy box. I let them take a small bag of toys in the living room. Well, now, most toys are back here with no where to go because they like to play in the playroom. Originally stuck in the basement, because if they are here trying to maintain order, ie with the ninja turtles ninja turtles, dudes army with army guys and so on. It drives me crazy. Not only to dump the toy box out once a month for the classification and find myself with things that do not belong, like socks, sticks pallet, piece of the puzzle .... I guess my question is: How can sort the toys? I'm fighting a losing battle? Thanks in advance for any ideas.

Also keep containers / baskets and toys group, as you mentioned, with articles that could play at the same time. Most Toys are ina playground. I trynot to bring new toys except for birthdays and holidays and always sell or donate what you can to keep under control the amount. Ikea has some powerful containers. I even change the flat top and bottom containers because they see the toys in a new light when I get a new location. My problem was that all the tiny pieces everywhere. Now when I'm done with them, I use empty container of Clorox wipes. save and use for puzzles and so Successive and label the outside of containers. Then line up perfectly in the kitchen cabinets and take as needed. I think the biggest problem facing parents is that kids just have too many things. Simplifying things, unnecessary throw small pieces, and throw away what you no longer use. Then, children can see and appreciate what you have and help keep everything organized:)

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