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Safari Ltd Toy Wildlife

Northeastern India-Assam enjoy the attractions Stop

Synonym refreshing and aromatic tea gardens, Assam is a tourist destination ideal for a break from the monotonous routine. Tourist from all over the world come here to enjoy your vacation. It is an impressive destination mountains valleys, mountains, gardens, plains, dense forests, wildlife and cultural heritage of the country.

Failure to explore and experience the next thing to see the attractions of Assam:

Kaziranga National Park

Popular among fans of the fauna, the National Park Kaziranga is a fascinating tourist attraction of North East India. Taking pride in being a World Heritage Site, the park offers refuge for endangered species A rhinoceros horn. It is also a Tiger Reserve and houses the largest population of tigers among protected areas in the world. Several other species of wildlife are also found here. There are about 546 species of flora in the park.

Assam Tea Gardens

Stroll through the tea gardens of Assam where tea is wonderful produce in abundance. The tea is famous for its quality and is exported to many countries. In fact Assam is the second in the world producing tea trading after China. It is an amazing experience to visit these tea gardens.

Cruise the river Brahmaputra in

Offering lots of excitement, fun and excitement, Brahmaputra river cruise in is something you should not miss. The cruise also includes safaris, visits to villages, visits to tea plantations and much more.


Land Assam is dotted with many churches, each with its own architectural beauty. The temple Kamkhya, Umananda Temple, Navagraha Temple, Shrine and Temple Ugratara Vasistha are some to name.


The state offers wonderful crafts like clay pots, bamboo and cane articles, metal items, toys, masks, jewelry and silk fabrics.

Bihu Festival

It is the most famous festival in the state, that is celebrated with great fervor. This wonderful festival, which marks the change of season, is held three times a year. Several cultural activities such as dance, music and games are a part of the festival.

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Tourists from across the globe come to see Assam Attractions as they are unique and wonderful. Assam wildlife, festivals, temples, gardens, valleys, mountains and handicrafts make it as one of the most famous destinations of North East India.

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