Sand & Water Table


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Sand & Water Table

Playing with sand and water can be more interesting by the introduction of a topic like the creation of a deep ocean. Invite children to imagine a fund the ocean and thinking of some items they might find there. Encourage them to think of natural and artificial elements that could find and stimulate your imagination budding by allowing them to add objects that is not likely to find in an ocean floor, like a horse or a car.

Ocean Objects

The types of materials that you provide for preschoolers to create an ocean floor in the sand and water table are limited only by your imagination and your budget. Some of the ideas of the sand and water toys for the creation of a fund are sea shells, pretty rocks or minerals, the toy fish or plants, a treasure chest, a sunken ship, divers and small toy boats.

This can be a good opportunity to talk to all creatures different living in the ocean of giant whales to the smallest crabs and shrimp. You can also start a conversation about the food chain or about the importance of ocean pollution.

Sand and Water Play

Once the objects are added to sand and water table, children can place them in different scenes, creating imaginary worlds beneath the surface of the water. Moving objects and fish in water offers the opportunity to represent a story, role play, and participate in fantasy with his friends. They can make individual worlds ocean floor or a floor that create great ocean together.

Sensory Effects

The sound of the waves against the beach is probably one of the sounds satisfactory nature. Children in the sand and water table can reproduce this sound, making waves in miniature, water splashes, creating a beach extra sand and even small building sand castles down with the waves. You might also establish large seashells and make them listen to the ocean within the shell. The feeling of water, shells and wet sand running through fingers often have a calming effect on young children.

Another way for children to use their sense of touch in the sand and water table is by searching the sand for hidden objects. You can hide small rings or stones or some kind of treasure they can find and take home with them.

Sand and water table is a dynamic place for exploration and activity. A full ocean floor with a pleasant sensory experience for preschoolers. They enjoy finding hidden objects and creating an imaginary world ocean, while the developing their motor skills. This sand and water activity also can help identify preschool children living in the oceans, and benefit of the soothing properties of the sand and water.

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Mushroom Castle Quest Guide

It's been a long time I've published here, so I decided to contribute to the community with this guide. This will include missions around Castle fungi, as well as those inside.

Table of Contents

Post # 1 - Introduction
Post # 2 - Pre-mission
Post # 3 - Mushroom Castle monsters and maps
Post # 4 - Mushroom Castle tutorial search
Post # 5 - Credits

About Mushroom Castle

Mushroom Castle is available at level 30 to 38 and starts after 2nd job promoting its biggest rise in employment that will teleport to the castle to begin a series Assignments that will give you wonderful EXP for your level. The history of the Castle of fungi is that fungi King of the castle has been expelled and replaced by the Pepes. The forces Pepe Rey Mushroom Princess to marry his son, Prince Pepe.

24/11 - To date, Mushroom castle are not yet, but the pre-mission can be made.


From level 24 to 36, there are pre-quests that tell you more about the Castle of fungi. I recommend that you do level within the range of level 24-30, the starting right after completing Ariant Sleepywood. These missions have many parts, and EXP reasonable offer upon completion.

Strange Mushrooms
Requirement: Level 24 to 34, all users
General Area: Sleepywood

[Part 1] Horny Mushroom Cap Research
NPC: The recalling
Task: Collect 30 Horned Mushroom Caps.
Reward: 7000 EXP
Notes: You can easily obtain these Horny Ant tunnel Mushroom, preferably near the portal area of Sleepywood. (or Mini Dungeon)

[Part 2] Horny Mushroom Rage
NPC: The recalling
Task: Slay 80 Horny Mushrooms.
Reward: 8000 EXP
Notes: You can hunt these mushrooms in the ant tunnel (or Mini Dungeon).

[Part 3] Deciphering the signs the Horny Mushroom
NPC: The recalling
Task: Collect 20 Tainted Horny Mushroom Caps.
Reward: 8000 EXP
Notes: drop quest items Horny Mushroom of a decent guy.

[Part 4] Z. signals Mushroom 1
NPC: The recalling
Task: Slay 80 Mushrooms Zombie.
Reward: 8000 EXP
Notes: You can hunt these mushrooms in the ant tunnel (or Mini Dungeon).

[Part 5] Name: Signs of Z. Mushroom 2
NPC: The recalling
Task: Collect 100 Charm of the Undead.
Reward: 8000 EXP
Notes: You can easily obtain these Ant Tunnel Zombie Mushroom, preferably in the area close Sleepywood portal. (or Mini Dungeon)

[Part 6] Z. signals Mushroom 3
NPC: The recalling
Task: Collect about 20 sound and Charms select the correct sound.
Reward: 8000 EXP
Notes: The charms drop quest items sound like Zombie Mushroom at a low rate. Anyone who remembers playing a sound. Listen carefully and select the one that best represents the sound of the death of Zombie Mushroom. Note that if you chose the wrong sound, you have to collect the charms of sound again!

Karcasa from the desert
NPC: The one who recalls Karcasa
Task: Talk to those who remembered and will teleport to where Karcasa Ariant is.
Notes: Practically a free teleport to Ariant. This is not compulsory to complete missions Ariant.

About Mushroom Castle ...
Requirement: Level 26 to 36, all users
General Area: Magatia Ariant to desert

Part 1
APN: Karcasa
Task: Collect 30 Carrots.
Notes: You can hunt these rabbits Brown sand on the map (as well as the map above). Collect aa turn in CAD.

Part 2
APN: Karcasa
Task: 1 Collect the pure water.
Notes: Only the head of the city and buy a pure water.

Part 3
APN: Karcasa, Taxi Camel
Task: Find Taxi Ariant camel in the desert.
Notes: Head of a map of Ariant (Magatia direction) and find the Camel Taxi.

Part 4
APN: Taxi Camel
Task: Slay 40 Meercats in 5 minutes.
Notes: Only kill the cats on the map where Camel Taxi ie spawning easily. You should be able to complete in half the time at the current level (about 2.5-3 minutes).

Part 5
APN: Taxi Camel
Task: Head to the desert and talk to Magatia Camel Taxi from there.
Notes: If you have the patience and time, walking the road to the desert (a map before of Magatia). If not, pay 1500 mesos to take the taxi Camel and enter the door in the middle below the free market.

Part 6
APN: Taxi Camel
Task: Reach level 30.
Notes: This is fairly simple. All you have to do is train up to level 30 and talk to him before or after 2nd promotion employment. You can also complete their missions to increase your leveling speed.

Part 6A-C are optional and can only be activated if level 29 or less.
Part 6A
APN: Taxi Camel
Task: Collect 60 Golden Scorpion stings.
Part 6B
APN: Taxi Camel
Task: Remove Scorpion Mole and sand in 30 minutes.
Part 6C
NPC: Taxi Camel
Task: Collect 100 Sand Mole Hats.
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