Scrabble Deluxe Game


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Scrabble Deluxe Game
Is there anyone else who loves to play Scrabble as much as me?

My best friend and I play all the time. Between 2 of us possess, 2 sets regular, 2 Scrabbles travel, a super-scrabble, a set of luxury-old with a swivel joint. Sometimes we get off the parties to sit on his porch playing Scrabble. Does anyone most do this? I'm a total idiot??? Has anyone ever played in a tournament? If so, what is that?

Me! I'ma fan of almost all puns, but Scrabble is my favorite. My mother taught me to play as a child and taught me so well I hit about 98% of the time and now will not play me in the English version only Spanish. I've played in Version Literati (Yahoo Scrabble) tournaments a few times, while being a member of a league. Can be very exciting as you are playing players from around the world. It definitely helps to increase vocabulary (never knew there were words with "Q" them w / OA "U" later). PS: Nooo, you're not an idiot, (total or otherwise). I think that people who play Scrabble are less likely to fail his speech and use "Ummmm", or overuse of the word "like" or simply refer to everything as "that thing, you know, the thing".

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