Scrabble Junior


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Scrabble Junior
AP Biology Question! Please answer, super easy 10 points?

Hey folks, I ask .. I'm back in high school and I took physics AP for the first three weeks (4th week now) of the school year and I barely scratching for a less D ... I could not take it and recently decided to switch to the AP Bio .... I'm three weeks behind ... I was wondering what should I do? I really have to do well in this course and I will not be too far! any advice at all?!?! on how to succeed in this course, how to do to catch up, and so on. sounds good. and have worked very hard in AP physics, it's just that the volume and difficulty that the material was too much to handle! and thank you all for the quick response! and yes, the first two weeks were talking about "basic chemistry" and such

speak with the teacher and see if they have a free time for you to go and work are not what they have lost, you can also go to school early or stay later.

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2 year old playing scrabble jr

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