Silly 6 Pins


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Silly 6 Pins
8 SILLY QUESTIONS ... really easy and quick?

1.) The last time I thought "That was stupid? 2.) Frozen peas or carrots? 3.) One thing I just have to do? 4.) A funny thing you saw? 5.) What celebrity murder? 6.) Hatred or love hate to love? 7.) Can you make a sentence with these words: love, desire, biscuits, dwarf, a roller, Michael Jackson, banana? 8.) Say something totally alien, but incredibly random? * Star if any of these questions made you smile even a little bit. If not this: This really makes me mourn with laughter every time I see him. XX haha some of these answers made me laugh out loud. xx

1. I saw a Squirell try to run through a wall, not at the top, but side 0.o. .. WTF! 2. Carrots: P 3. Color in the squares of ... But someone will not let me ... 4. Ellie trying Femine act! Sooo funny! 5. Jordan ... Then She shuup! 6. None. Can I say that love to love:) 7. Michael Jackson was a dwarf trying to make a cake using a rolling pin on a banana. Once that was done, fell in love with him and was his only desire 8. I florecenr stars on top of me: P

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