Spiral Spin Top


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Spiral Spin Top
Why does not my box convex?

I have a plastic tub and put a cardboard cover on it, which is a bit too large, but hit me with a lot of pressure down so no air can escape a hold cut in the center, in light of the candle through, I stayed with the cut and cover paper to enable it on tape after she lit the candle and on each side of the inlet are two cylinders, one has a string attatched to it that is supposed to rotate the aluminum coil attatched to it. Both aluminum cylinders are at the top with small holes put in them. I put the candle under the wihtout cylinder in the chain. What am I doing wrong? The coil is supposed to start spinning after the candle burns all the air and is trying to suck the air new in

I'm not sure what exactly you are trying to do, but his hypothesis that a candle burns "to" all the air inside of a closed tube and somehow create a suction is simply wrong. When a burn something, the chemical reaction that occurs is: 2O + C -> CO2, So the oxygen in the tube is being replaced by dixoide carbon, other gas, while the carbon in the candle is being depleted or consumed. Finally, sail away, but the "air" inside the tube is filled with CO2 and other gases, as there are hydrogen and nitrogen inside the tube could have participated in the process of burning of a candle.

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