Super Art Table


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Super Art Table
Girls, how to flirt with a guy you like? And guys - What are you interested in a girl?

Okay, so I'm a student freshman in high school and is not really cute junior in my art class. I really do not talk to him at all (just started school a couple of weeks), but he asked me that something was, and looked at me when I smiled / laughed at something someone was doing at her table. He is super high, I guess, but as 6'5 (idk and I am too, I'm 5'9 and so a lot of people confuse me with at least one second.) What a model of what I am confident in my appearance, personality, etc. I suppose it must lock eyes with him from time to time instead of just brushing by him, but I do not know what to do without looking ridiculous or be evident. : P (do not feel too far from me, only the next table, but would have to turn a bit to me.) So, girls, how so effective flirting with a guy you like? Did it work? And guys, what are you interested in a certain girl?

look and smile. then look down and look at him again. u smile when you talk to him and touch his arm and hands. Make eye contact as much as possible. maintain their body language, do not cross arms or back. ask about things you're interested in. People love to talk about themselves! fun.

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