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What is Plastwood's website? and does not work. Ps. Does anyone know where I can buy Supermag? Or that is super expensive and / or is out of stock ... Plastwood do not just stop or what?

Plastwood was just the contract manufacturer to make toys Supermag. I think your website used for but its been idle for some time. These toys are no longer in production so, why are so difficult to find or are super expensive. Here is a cached page of his last known on the Internet. Its your contact page, even so, If emails and phone numbers does not work, then you have the answer. Http: / / / PS: You can click on the "Store" on the top of the page link above to view all Supermag toys they offer. Perhaps it will help you track some set on the basis of their real names.

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Supermag Oscillator

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