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Butterfly Mobile

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Butterfly Mobile
HELP !!!!! i get home sick im 15 male and a 10 day camp is coming up?

hi im 15 male and have had home sick and missing mum ever since i was a young lad.
the reason im posting this is that i have been thinking about going to a camp mind you iv never been before with school along the yarra river we will be canoeing down the river 10km a day for 10 days. people say if you have never been it will be fine after you go and after that it will be gone the fear but its just not that easy with me you will not be leave how many times i have tried the results were having to cry or say i feel sick and go home. i just want to get over it and be able to have this kind of fun. plus there will be no power or mobile phones and they said no watches. plus now its geting dark at 6 pm plus this is another thing thats a problem i have really bad butterfly when the sun goes down when im at a freinds or trying to stay over there house. then i just am on the tip of crying and wanting to go home please help!

Take a notepad and pen with you and everytime you want to tell your mum about something, write it down so that you don't forget and at the end of the trip, you will have a diary to remember your fun time. There are some more tips on the link below.

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