Star Wars Clone Game


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Star Wars Clone Game
Does the Wii Remote classic work for star wars clone wars, heroes republic?

I have a wii and would like to get this game, but I I am considering how I like classic remotes pretty well - does anyone know if it will work for her? And how the guns for remote work Wii in the game? Please help !!!!!

Yes it does and is very easy to control

It is Star Wars Day: What do they have in the playoffs so far failed to capture? We loved X-Wing vs TIE Fighter, Knights of the Old Republic and Star Wars Super titles, but there are certainly elements of the movies that game developers have not yet grasped. Today is Star Wars days (Unless you're in the camp that chooses to celebrate the May 25, when the first film opened in Los Angeles). Well, it's just because there's a game sad words to be had in "The Fourth is ...

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