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Indian inventor creates children's science toys from trash (Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine)

Children in the First World have a lot of choice when it comes to scientific
toys. In fact, there are whole stores devoted to selling things like robotics
kits, ant farms, and simple microscopes. In the developing world, however,
such fancy toys are relatively scarce. So, what's an adult to do if they want
to get the local children interested in the sciences? Well, in the case of
Arvind Gupta, they show the kids how to make scientific toys from trash. ..
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Gizmag Emerging Technology Magazine

Discovery Kids Toy

Levels of Discovery – The Frequently Asked Questions

Levels of Discovery is one of the most popular toy companies in the world right now.  This is actually understandable.  Check out their available products and you'll know the reason.  A company's popularity will depend on its products.  After all, the products are basically the "ambassadors" of the companies.  They are the ones that the parents and the kids are exposed to.  A company may have the swankiest offices and the latest in technology in its factory.  But their customers are not going to see them.  They're going to see their products and they will be the basis of their popularity.

With popularity comes interest and curiosity.  This is good.  If people are interested and curious, it means that you're doing something right.  It's much better than being a wallpaper in the industry that no one notices.  This is why it's good if a lot of people have questions.  This is why popular companies like Levels of Discovery encourage these questions.  Of course, they also provide the answers.  Since they know the frequently asked questions already, they have the answers for you.

How will I know what size to buy for the rockers?

Levels of Discovery is popular for its rockers.  You'll be happy to know that all of their Rock A Buddies rockers are perfect for kids over 3 years old and under 100 pounds.  If you have a kid that's below 3 years old and below 50 pounds, the Rock A Buddies Jr. rockers are perfect.

Is it easy to assemble the rockers?

No one wants to spend half their day assembling kids' products.  You'll be comforted to know that assembly is very easy.  The popular kids' furniture of the company comes with a set of easy to follow instructions.  Your kid will be having fun with them in no time.  Just as a reminder, it's advisable to stay away from power tools when putting them together.  Stay with manual tools and be careful not to tighten them too much.

Is maintenance easy?

We all know the importance of proper care and maintenance.  Just treat the kids' furniture just like how you would treat and care for any piece of furniture.

Is there something for every kid?

One of the secrets of the company is they have something for every kid.  You can check out their several categories and you'll find something for your kid.  It doesn't matter if you have a boy or a girl.  Better yet, go for their unisex products.

Where can I buy their products?

Since Levels of Discovery is very popular, it's just fitting that there are a lot of retailers that are selling the products.  Make sure to deal with a retailer that's authorized to sell them.  It's also a good idea to go for a trusted retailer that's equally popular for their excellence like Wooden Toddler Toys.


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