Disney Princess And Me Doll


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My daughter is 5 in a couple of weeks....what are some good gift ideas for a 5 yr old girl?

My youngest is turning 5 in a couple of weels and I have no idea what to get her! She loves dolls, Disney Princess, Strawberry Shortcake, puppies, dress-up clothes, things like that. She's also a very active little girl. We already bought her a new "big girl" bike at the end of last summer....I just can't think of what else to get her!

Any and all real suggestions are much appreciated!

Please and thank you!!
Added notes~~She's getting a Nintendo for Christmas~SHE thinks Lelli Kelli's are hideous~She has a horse already~She's been in dance....
So far I'm leaning towards the scooter idea or beginner in-line skates~something to keep her moving!

My daughter is five as well. She likes scooters (the little pink Disney Princess one with three wheels). I got her a Hannah Montana wig for Christmas and she absolutely loves it! She plays with that and sings and dances all over the place.
And what about the learning roller skates? They have three stages. First they don't roll backward, then they have brakes, then they go to regular skates.
I took my daughter to Build-A-Bear for her birthday. She loved picking out her own animal and clothes. It was her stuffed animal, done all by herself and she couldn't have been prouder of herself!
I hope this helps!