Darth Vader #11


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Darth Vader #11
Clerihew about Darth Vader?

tall me if this is a good comic poetry: the Sith Lord Darth Vader is a total invasion. Now I know, but iIn incomplete to come up with two more lines. Please help me fast before 1/11/10

thought it was the only one, but which turned be his son

New York Stock Exchange bell making turn Corporate entertainment celebrities met in the opening and closing of each trading day. What better place to raise KISS and Dr Pepper together? KISS guitarist Paul Stanley was wrong with the thick, matted hair as bassist Gene Simmons in restless background, their eyes on a loop of black makeup, faces painted white chalk. As the seconds counted until 4 pm, Stanley relied on the green button in front of him.

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Nephew - A Wannabe Darth Vader (Live @ Kuttner 17-11-2005)