Little Touch Leap


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Little Touch Leap
Hyper, can not sit still.?

Does anyone have a 2 year old that likes to sit and concentrate on one thing long term? My daughter turned 2 in September and she can not sit still long enough for me even to read a book. She speaks well, she will not sit still. I am a little worried you may have ADD. We bought one of those Leap Frog books that can touch the images and make noises and you read the book and everything. She looks like 5 minutes and then just jump on it or run to do something else. I am also worried about potty training because she wants absolutely nothing to do with it. She just seems so hyper.

Two years need to be bouncing. Sitting is not normal for human beings to two years, nor is it healthy. Look at all the overweight people in this country, sitting is the last thing we want. Maybe not like you're reading. Perhaps the book is boring. Run around it will be fun for her and good for both. ADD is almost exclusively a disease "school" (ie, this means that the child will not sit well against an adult who likes to hear his own voice and that People look at them throughout the day.) Seriously, that's fine. This is a great article that made me much good in my opinion of my son. It is entitled "The child who feels Still ": The good news is that your child is normal. The bad news is that you will have to come up with much more energy to keep up with her! You can do it mom! Good luck.

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