Fisher Price Easy


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Fisher Price Easy
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I want my son nine weeks a swing, but do not know which. I like the starlight Fisher Price Baby Papasan But it is MUCH Swing $ 120.00. My favorite part is that plugs into the wall, so no batteries required. On the other hand, I was thinking of the jungle swing Fisher-Price Take long, it is $ 60.00 but it's easy to fold and store or take with us if necessary. What are your views on these changes and what you choose and why? Here are the links to the swings: Com / catalog / product_id = 7756641

Honstly I would get the one with the plug! I spent about $ 90.00 for one with a stopper (drums only) My daughter loves his swing, and spend about 10.00 every week or two in the batteries ... rechageable but are so expensive, I went with a plug, "EXPERIENCE! -

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