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Frog Imagination Desk

Customizing stress balls Add Value to the Big Balls

Custom stress balls are not just stress balls, are almost new product line, appealing to entirely new classes of customers. For example, suppose you are a music enthusiast. Would you be interested in spherical ball or a violin-shaped, or even Elvis Presley?

A stress ball is far more a matter of business instead of promoting a soothing for stress. Even when used as stress relievers, customizing stress balls make them more interesting and more likely to be used regularly.

Customization usually involves making the balls in specific forms, colors and materials. A construction company may be more interested in a house shaped stress ball to be gifted to your clients and potential clients.

Custom stress balls are ordered in bulk, for example 150 or a few thousand items. Manufacturers are unlikely to be interested in smaller lots if the balls must be made to measure.

Custom Stress Balls are ideal for Business Promotion

Stress balls are ideal gifts to employees and customers. Also excellent gifts as trade fairs, seminars and branding campaigns.

Custom stress balls are usually printed with the logo and short sales or other message. Desktop act as billboards for the company that gives out. Because stress balls are likely to be used in office situations, which are normally kept in desk drawers or on desktops.

These high-visibility elements help reinforce brand awareness and reminding users (for general office workers and managers) about the availability of some products of a particular company.

Customizing is limited only by imagination creative

There are people who like to play with an apple or Valentine's Heart stress ball in two pieces with a magnet in the center. When magnets are glued together, the ball looks like a whole apple or valentine. You can then separate the two halves, using a little force and leave they attract each other again.

Others might like to put in some fancy compression shaped stress ball, or play with a key ring one way or punch the head with his Dilbert comic strip devil horns. stress balls in the market come in many forms - basketballs, croaking frogs, hammers (harmless - you can use them to beat the Dilbert boss or malfunction of some equipment), ponies and sheep.

Then there are specific industry stress balls in custom shapes of different products - capsules of medicine, brick house, cruises, computers, hats manufacturers drive and many other products.

A company is limited only by the imagination of its creative team to design a custom stress ball to meet with its brand-building and marketing objectives.


custom stress balls can be made into the desired shapes and colors using different materials such as foam, gel and powder. This makes possible the design of balls of stress in ways that respond to a consolidation company or brand marketing objective. You can meet potential customers' tastes, offering fun articles, or continuously remind them about your product, giving product as a stress ball to measure.

About the Author

Daniel Frenchy, Director of Stress Balls UK - Europe's leading supplier of custom stress balls.

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