Mini Lego Toys


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Mini Lego Toys

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Caleb-Ray Richmond came into this world prematurely, but by the time he was 2 years old, he was the ruler of his family's Milwaukee home. When things didn't go his way, when his fatigue spiraled into hyperactivity, toys would fly across the room, fists pounded the floor and the tears seemed never-ending. "Caleb was boss and we were doing what Caleb wanted," said his mother, Kayla Richmond. He ...

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Mini Lego Toys
have you planned out what toys your going to buy your toddler for christmas?

hey there are like 3 months more for christmas n am really excited. my son will be 2yrs in jan. am planning of buying him a dinosaur set, zoo and farm animals, train set, matchbox cars, mini kitchen set, play tent and lego duplo blocks for christmas n his birthday. any other cool stuff i could buy for him? what are you planning of buying for your toddler?

my son is 3 years old i don't even know what i am going to buy him for christmas yet. blocks is good for your son my son has blocks and he has matchbox cars that he just loves. your like me i always buy my son a lot of toys for his birthday are christmas i go all out if i don't who will. my son grandparent my in-laws don't get my son very much so, i make sure he gets a lot.

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