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What does dreaming of a black unicorn?

I dreamed I was driving with a friend, and we saw some horses. They were beautiful and we stopped to look. Of these, came a black unicorn. It was beautiful, and came straight at me, licked my hand and such. I know - strange dream, right? Is there someone there to interpret dreams? What do you think of this?

To see a unicorn in your dream, symbolizes high ideals, hope and vision in a current situation. It also symbolizes power, gentleness, and purity. Alternatively, you can represent their biased opinions. And the black symbolizes the unknown, the danger unconscious, mystery, darkness, death, mourning, hate or rancor. If the feeling in the dream is one of joy, darkness could imply hidden spirituality and qualities divine.

Menopause begins at 40 and in the ovaries gradually produce less and less of the hormone estrogen. Your periods become erratic sometimes skipping a month or alternating between light and heavy. There are several reasons. Women often exert tremendous pressure on their bodies, much more stress than it was designed to handle and then not give him the support he needs. Women have demanding and stressful careers. There are family responsibilities. The relationship with spouse or partner may not be the best. Aging Parents can add to the load. All these and other responsibilities are cumulative in the toll they take on the body and health of a woman.

The notion return to old fashioned herbal treatments and folk remedies has a certain comforting, romantic appeal. Some herbal medicines are being rediscovered have been used to treat a variety of ailments for literally thousands of years. There is widespread belief that medicines derived from natural sources are necessarily free from the risk of negative side effects, harmful interactions and allergic reactions. This is simply not true. Whatever type of medication you choose to take, it is essential that you fully understand how it works, what dose is right for you, and what objective research has been done on its effectiveness and potential risks.

What are hormone treatments?

Treatment of hormone replacement therapy occur when women undergoing to menopause have "ovaries decrease production of the female hormones estrogen and progesterone." There are benefits and risks associated with replacement therapy hormone. Several long-term benefits, according to the Mayo Clinic are:

* Prevention and reduction of risk of developing osteoporosis
* A decrease in the risk of colorectal cancer
* The decrease in the occurrence of heart disease among patients of many

First, here is a list of 34 most common symptoms of menopause. Take a moment to consider each of them, as some are subtle, and first glance may seem unrelated to the symptoms of menopause are:

1 - Sore joints and muscles

2 - Dizziness, sensation dizziness

3 - Breast tenderness

4 - Uterine fibroids

5 - Cold or tingling hands or feet

6 - Ring or ringing in the ears (tinnitus)

7 - Lack of concentration, foggy fuzzy thinking, memory lapses

8 - facial hair growth
9 - Dry, thin or wrinkled skin

10 - Endometriosis

11 - heavy or light periods

12 - Fibrocystic breasts

13 - Loss hair, thinning hair

14 - Headaches, migraines

15 - Heart Palpitations

16 - Depression, anxiety and mood swings

17 - Hot Flashes

18 - Incontinence

19 - Irregular periods

20 - Irritatibility, disability stress management

21 - Desire for sweets, caffeine, carbohydrates and levels of unstable blood sugar

22 - Leg cramps

23 - Low metabolism

24 - lower sex drive, loss of sexual desire

25 - PMS and menstrual cramping

26 - Night sweats

27 - Osteoporosis

28 - Chronic fatigue and the slowness of the morning

29 - Sleep disturbances, insomnia

30 - Spotting, bleeding mild

31 - Symptoms of hypothyroidism with normal T3 and T4 levels

32 - Urinary tract and yeast infections

33 - The Allergy symptoms

34 - Water retention and unexplained weight gain, especially in the hips, waist and stomach

Finally, but not least, we come to herbal treatments. The beans and other plants have a mild estrogenic activity in composition thanks to "phytoestrogens." These are compounds that include isoflavins, lignans, and saponins phytoseterols. In additional to helping your body through menopause, animal experiments show that are significantly more effective in preventing tumors in breast tissue.

No shipping discount for a medical dictionary to understand the compounds mentioned above, here are some of the foods and herbs that contain healthy compounds: Soy, black cohosh, licorice, alfalfa, chaste berry, angelica china, red clover, strawberry, celery stalks, dates, elder, false unicorn root, fennel, sarsaparilla Honduras, lady's slipper, the root of life, Mexico wild yams, passion flower, pomegranates and sassafras.
Food, of course, are available from your local supermarket. Visit Store local health food in which they must be able to find herbs and methods to include in your daily diet.

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