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Hot Wheels
Is there an online price guide for Hot Wheels cars that can be accessed from home?

I've been searching online for a guide price is good for my Hot Wheels and I can not find an exception of some sort of generic, is not updated, if you know what I mean

There you can buy books that list what Hotwheel worthwhile. click below for a good start

Auto Detailing cleaning is difficult because there are many different types of surfaces that need to be cleaned. The body of the car, engine and other components are steel and other metals. Naturally, they are tough and resilient. The interior of the vehicle, such as seat upholstery, floor mats and rugs, are the surfaces soft and require a whole different type of cleaning machine for the proper maintenance.

Clean hard surface

The external hard surfaces, cleaning systems require powerful, such as a pressure washer. Machines using highly pressurized water to a flurry against waste from the surfaces of the vehicle. Use hot water or steam units, also known as mobile car wash or steam car wash machine, also allows users to soften and dissolve the sap, grease, dirt and other substances for accelerating phase. While the level of pressure washers automotive pressure not exceeding 1500 psi, which can be used in vehicle body paint, windshield and windows and other surfaces.

Hard surfaces within the vehicle requires a different type of machine, a steam cleaner. These systems use a "dry" steam vapor at high temperature 360 ° F to dissolve dirt and stains. Steam cleaning systems are ideal for cleaning the dashboard, console and door jambs, upholstery and spot cleaning carpets and washing windows and windshield with a squeegee attachment.

Selecting the right system for Automotive Carpet

Car interior detailing, carpet cleaning machines are low flow to the right. The outlet temperature can vary up to 210 ° F. Pressure level Output can be up to 500 psi. A specialized upholstery tool is also essential. Carpet Wands are too great for cleaning in confined spaces inside the vehicles. Thus, a tapestry rod four inches is ideal.

In Auto Detailing, which is important to know that before spraying the carpets and furniture with a green carpet cleaning solution is the first step. Then, washing rugs can be used to inject a mixture of water and cleaning solution on the carpet and upholstery of cars. The operator can use the upholstery wand connected to the system to agitate the surface. Cleaning agents disrupt the bond between the dirt material and carpet fibers. The agitation will result in the formation of a chemical residue as both the and impurities. This residue is completely removed and placed in the recovery tank.

Drying Time

When cleaning upholstery carpet is important to consider drying time, the time required for the surface to dry completely after the cleaning process. All detailing professionals want faster drying to increase delivery, reduce the need for storage of vehicles overnight, and the customers happy with quick and complete results. However, if conventional the carpet cleaning equipment used, shall have to wait 8-24 hours for carpets to dry before the vehicle can be returned.

Thanks to new technologies, the best carpet upholstery cleaning equipment offers a drying time of less than two hours. These carpet cleaners are equipped with low-flow technology. Using less water not only reduces drying times, but also reduces the risk of mold, mildew or bacteria growth in carpets wet.

To offer the full package of auto detailing to their customers, it is important to have adequate equipment to carry out each individual application. Car wash equipment and car mobile steam cleaning, chemical cleaning, low-flow carpet cleaning, and green are a necessity.

Auto detailing is a art to make your automobile spotless and looking like brand new with different car washing equipment & techniques like portable car wash, steam car wash, mobile car wash with cold water or a steam pressure washer.

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