Leap Frog Leap


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Leap Frog Leap
Which is a better buy, Bugsby, V-Tech, or leap-frog?

My child is 3 years. I wondered what the learning system you recommend? What will they have a better use? He knows his uppercase and lowercase letters is not the time. But I want to start learning to read simple words. What are the pros and cons of these systems?

Based on reviews of all three companies say will leapfrog. Websites such as Toys R Us presents the comments about their products. Also v-Bugsby and technology are combined together.

As Seen on TV: Frog Tape "Frog Tape" claims that painting a room in his house a lot of easier by an airtight seal around windows and moldings. We tested the product to see if the tape frog jumped to the top of our "As Seen on TV" test.

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