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Bird Toys Parts Toys Crafts

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Bird Toys Parts Toys Crafts

Craft Work Talent

Craft work is so unique and unlimited that all the information that will be given to you would be just a few drops of this great sea. If we pierce into this beautiful field you'll be surprised and amazed that we are directly or indirectly involved in this art. Grandma Knitting cozy and sweet sweaters and so many things for tiny tots and even elders to give warmth in cold winters.

Embroidery is a talent which can make any ordinary textile or fabric into an haute couture. Paintings, dresses, hand looms and so many more items are made attractive with the touch of needle and thread.

Stitching- don't just stuck for this word with only dress by a regular tailor. A talented artist and skilled craft men can create wonders with a fabric, thread, machine, needle and ample variety of different craft materials like- beads, pipes, flowers, logos, patches, stones, ribbons,etc.

People in India, China, Indonesia and other places make beautiful fabrics using the talent of stitching and embroidery in different patterns that are unique to their region. I remember my school days... where we learn t making so many unbelievable showpieces by using the obsoletes. There you are---the always appreciated 'Best out of Waste'. With this everlasting and amazing talent of art we can make puppets, wall paintings, pots, coasters, toys and so many more unlimited items.

The oldest and still marking its footprints in the richest and modest world of designer's dream is the art of pottery. A wet, soft, cleaned dark Grey or yellow ocher colored soil when placed on the rotating wheel is ready for the talented hands of a potter to perform the magic of making unexpected pottery items like-mugs, cups, vases, pots etc. which we commonly use in our day to day life.

But, the real talent never needs any manual or motor machine to prove itself and so do the miraculous soil....when it goes in the magic hands of a craftsmen whose talent is god gifted or/and skilled with hard-work and practice, the soil acts as a wand creating items like birds, animals, human figures, god statues and so many beautiful pieces of work...

Let my share my knowledge and experience with you...

Once I used the beans and grains from my kitchen to make a wall painting depicting a flower vase; a girl sitting with her face bend and a scene of a park. Pulses were used to be filled sequentially in a triangular shaped bottle. It turned out to be the master piece which is priceless. Wonderful greetings also can be designed using mini objects like beads, threads and even part of dry fruits are also used.

Craft work is not only the talent of famous painters and sculptors whom artwork are displayed in the museum, but the non-famous people who carries on the tradition of their ancestors are equally or even sometimes more talented than those people. This real talent of craft and art by common people is called 'folk art'. They can be anybody-a shepherd, farmer, trader or even you. For instance- European sailors carved beautiful scrimshaw by using whalebone or ivory as a surface for carvings; In many countries of Asia, America and Africa folk arts and craftspeople are supported to sell their work in and even outside the country and make a living for them through their talent.

These folk artists make useful things like furniture, toys, jewelery, clothes, weapons, household items and etc. Materials like wire, wood and natural fibers are used to craft the objects. Even food items are used in this art. Every region of the world has produced the folk art in their unique styles. Folk art in anyway reflects the tradition and religious beliefs and also the superstitious of a society.

In Mexico- in one of their traditional festival, sugar is used to form statues like skeletons and angels. These tasty art work are served as toys before they are eaten.

The Korean head wear are of great importance in the traditional dress up.

Let it be GULLE DAENGGI- the one worn by young girls had the purpose of tying the hair; JABAWI-it is soft and warm, worn by old times ladies and is made of black satin;
HWAGWAN-worn in old times by royal women during ceremonies;
HOGEON-it is a hood worn by young boys and designed in a way to give the appearance of a tiger;
TANGGEON-it is made of woven horsehair worn by gentry males in old times;
HEUKLIP-a commonly worn hat worn by gentry males in old times;
JEONMO-it's a durable hat made of paper soaked in oil and worn by females of all age group to shade themselves from sun;
JEONGJAGWAN-made of horsehair and worn by gentry males at home in old times;
JOKDURI-made of black silk and decorated with stones. It is worn by women in ceremonies in old days;
AYAM-it is a winter cap made of black silk decorated with stones and worn by young women in old days;
NAMBAWI-it is the winter cap with fur for warmth and beauty and worn by both men and women in old days.

Craft work using PLASTIC have appeared on the horizon for many years. It is such a versatile substance that you can manufacture wide range of objects from useful items to showbuzzs. It is correctly or you can say chemically known as polyester resin.

One of the best example of craft work are the Fire or pipe bags of native America. They are made from buckskin and have long fringing at the bottom. These bags are decorated with beads, paint, horse hair, ribbon etc. These bags were popular more in late 19th and early 20th century.

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