Kung Fu Panda Toy


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Kung Fu Panda Toy

McDonald's is a Rip-off!?

They now have NEW LITTLEST PETSHOP 2008 pets and I went yesterday (July 10, 2008.) When I looked inside the bag there was a Kung Fu Panda toy! They started the littlest petshop thing on the 4th of July, they weren't out of toys, they just gave Kung Fu Panda! Should I take it back to get what I really want, or keep the Kung Fu Panda?!?!
Yeah, but I don't eat like some fattie and get a Big Mac! I get the kid's meal so I turn out to be fat you idiots! I only collect them so I can sell them in the future so they can be rare!
So I don't turn out like a fattie!
McDonald's food IS AWESOME!

Contact corporate and inquire as to reason. Have receipt ready with store number and date. Let them handle the issue. Also explain that you wanted a certain toy. Were there signs in the McDonalds that said they had petshop toys or Panda? Many still have the Ku FU Panda toys, not petshop toys. They may not be at all McDonalds.