Leap Frog Leapster


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Leap Frog Leapster
Leapster for a child of three years? Or a computer guy.?

I have a half child of three years and I love you to get an educational game for Christmas. I bought the new Fisher Price Computer Cool School. I'm thinking of taking back and getting him a Leap Frog Leapster. He knows his letters and colors, but no math, spelling, reading yet. Do you think this is too advanced for him? I've never played with before, only seen online. Thanks!

My son is the same age and I've bought the Leapster for Christmas. He already knows kind of how to use the buttons as you watch your DVD's Playstation our old and use that driver for the DVD menu and games. Some of the Leapster games are more advanced, but if you get that start at PreK (3 years) I think it will be easy for them to understand! Children of age pick things up really fast, so if the games are the characters that interest you I'm sure you will understand very quickly. I think it is the best choice you can always get new games for it and not get bored.

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