Leap Frog Tag


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Leap Frog Tag
Leapfrog tag?

Does anyone know if they remembered the new tag system leapfrog? I bought yesterday at Wal-Mart and when I went to check that said, it was recalled. I checked the website of leap frog and some other says it was not. Is there someone or someone has bought this and withdrawn? My daughter turns 5 morning and I really wanted to get his present. Your contribution will be gladly appreciated. Thanks MZJ that I felt screwed. I was terribly wrong when I could not get this. I'll try another store today. Wal-Mart that I was just dumb. I went and bought this not an issue of Target. Thanks again.

I just do a quick search for you and I found nothing that says anything about the withdrawal TAG ... there have been other products in the past that have been retired, but do not see anything recent .. try a different store. Perhaps the seller was confused and was using the word recall incorrectly. I also would contact Leap Frog just to make sure of! Their customer service number is 1-866-334-LEAP (5327)! Looks like a great toy, so I hope you can get it for her! Good luck!

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The new Leap Frog Tag