First Leap Pad


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First Leap Pad
HELP. Slammed the door of the refrigerator in the cat.?

I was doing something in my refrigerator when my cat suddenly went in. I put in section average. I do not know if my cat is injured or not. The sides of the bar is slightly padded so it hurts a lot less of a door and I closed the fridge so difficult. My cat showed no signs of great pain. No blood, no limp. She was surprised at first, I suppose. He came down and rubbed his belly for a while. She was purring and did not act very different unless she bit me a couple of times, is not that hard tho. She seems alright. She's on my desk now. She is able to climb stairs and jump on the furniture. I'm not sure if it is 100% fun tho. Pleaseee answer, thanks in advance. It's midnight and I tomorrow I have school. Finals are coming up, I can not remove it. How much going to the vet for a checkup cost?

Hurray! A call ahead of them. If broken ribs, you know you are in pain. She probably has enough padding around the waist so that no organs were damaged. I guess I will be forever in the incident in OK and of course you will be watching carefully for the next day or two and move to a vet if something seems amiss.

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