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Leapfrog Leap Pad
How to teach your child to read?

My five years is in kingertan and start bringing home books to read. This is my first child. How teach him to read. Also anyboby ever used to jump or leap pad reading literacy jump frog jump. Does it help with anything or heard. I believe that to achieve one for Christmas. And my three year old son when he would be to use little bit more. Thanks power. I was reading the two before going to bed ..

Read to them, read to them, read them! This is the best thing you can do. Read to you! Ask your child's teacher in kindergarten exactly what method to use. (Generally k-Garten, only to learn the sounds of letters, and it is not until one of degree rather than get into reading. But not always, so ask.) As far as learning systems Leapfrog. I think they are fantastic. However, your child must think so. If they do not want to play with them, can not work. My children (the four) had absolutely no interest in them. But I have friends whose children loved. Maybe a test drive at the local toy store? Good luck to you. Read read read!

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