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Kids Playsets

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Summer safety smarts: Tips for holiday grilling and backyard parties
For many, Memorial Day's unofficial start of summer means grilling, pool parties and kids wildly happy to be at the end of another school year. Be sure to have a spray bottle of water or fire extinguisher handy when grilling.

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Why, as we get older, is there a belief that adults shouldn't play on playsets anymore???

this is kind of random....but last night i was thinking about how in elementary school i would have recess and lunch and after eating at these times i would play with my friends - we would play tag, go down the slide, play on the monkeybars, run across the playset, play soccer, basketball, throw woodchips at each other, and alot more. why, all of a sudden though, after the 6th grade this stuff is no longer around..? all of a sudden you get into junior high and you aren't provided with this stuff it an inherent belief or what?? i think the difference between kids and adults is kids can be carefree and play on all this stuff and adults don't. maybe that's why some people turn to drugs and my question is why do people believe adults shouldn't do this stuff too? don't laugh im being serious here.

...I know what you seems like there are places to go to work or shop....for adults....or movies or to eat out...but don't see play grounds with swings very many places in parks...or many parks to go to....more like all the cities make sure they have a mall....banks....businesses...but not enough fun places....and most friends and guys I have known don't have many fun ideas or places to go(like it really isn't fun to just hang out at somene's home...or have guys just trying to score and not have fun.....

Building My Kids First Playset