Little Tikes


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Little Tikes
How to remove Little Tikes car wheels?

We have assembled a bad car Little Tikes. The front wheels were installed backwards, with the metal support for the left wheel installed on the right and vice versa. The metal brackets have been negotiated in, and it is almost impossible to remove them. There are little cracks that could allow a final hammer to spy, but because of the wheels is impossible to gain enough influence. Any ideas on getting the metal supports with wheels to make them in the right places? For the record I'm really upset that Little Tikes can not use screws and nuts like everyone else.

I'll probably try to bring back to the store, or the first call and speak to a customer service member or a manager. That really can be annoying ... sounds like you can not dismantle put back correctly, I think the store honoring. It can not hurt to try, the box should also have a number cust.srvc ... or try online? anyway best of luck!

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