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Barney Laptop

I began to see my grandson at my daughter again so that my daughter could continue attending college to become a nurse. After four hours to care for it, I decided that I could not listen to another 4 Teletubbie, 3 Caillou, Barney and 2. Although it is very happy playing by himself and likes to watch these programs on my part only in this trend from the experience of two and half years old, is being there to comfort him when he decides to be Superman, and not doing very well. I am his nanny, but new would need to amuse myself with more activities as an adult, or my daughter came home to see his mother in a catatonic state with my grandson, taking full advantage of no supervision.

The next day, with laptop and headphones in hand, I enrolled at the site of Obama and began to see the video of the speech Obama was giving in Nevada, and as usual, who speaks only the words and presence that projects is remarkable. While watching the speech, I could hear the cheering crowds in the background, sometimes it was deafening. The crowd was in attendance was the answer to his words with applause as I was. But today, while my grandson was about their two and half years old business, started since I do not know how many times, feeling of climbing Goosebumps all over my body, but I also realized something more, tears streaming down my face.

I have had these Goosebumps almost every time I hear about Obama making a speech, but the tears flowing running down my cheeks, took me by surprise. I began to reflect on my response to watching Obama's speech, when I concluded that the tears not for myself but for the uncertain future of my sweet little grandson. I knew without doubt that we, everyone of us, have given Obama at this moment in our country, on this earth, and now, not only for us but for our children and their children who will inherit the world we leave them. It is my fervent belief that the only chance we have to give our children and their children a better country, a planet in the environment, and a more prosperous world, is through the leadership of this great and awesome man.

Obama is here for us now, and now for the future of coming generations of Americans. There will efforts, not only him, but the efforts and scarified for all Americans to succeed in our common goal of change. Vote for Obama to be President of America is the only responsible action to be taken on 4 November 2008. With Obama as President, will give us the opportunity to invest in ideology of this new age Obama is ready to take a. It is only through the actions of many more than the actions of the unscrupulous to make that effort towards the next eight years, and be part of this new ideology interregnal exchange. As Americans, we have to participate in this huge personal investment to this world heritage to have any chance of trickling down to the future of our posterity.

As I watched my grandson go on his two years and a half days old, I felt a huge responsibility for the future that will ultimately inherit. I am taking this responsibility very seriously. It is my conviction that the bright future I want, not just for my grandson, but for all future grandchildren in America, will happen only if they enthusiastically vote for the one man who possibly could be entrusted to our grandchildren. This man, Obama is the only person I know who can get inside the innermost part of my soul and awaken these Goosebumps cursed and sometimes tears, enough to escape, what is man that I refer to all the future of my grandchildren, the man I am voting for, and his name is Barack Obama.

I urge everyone who has or will be grandchildren, to vote on 4 November 2008. It is our responsibility to vote for all children who are too young or yet unborn, and to entrust their future in the next President of the United States, and his name is Barack Obama.

About the Author:

Beth holds a Master Degree in Mental Health Counseling and an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice. She is a single mother of a special needs child and volunteers and supports Barack Obama for President.
This year's presidential campaign has prompted her to become actively involved in the process for the very firsts time in her life.; some of the support she has participated in is through volunteering, voter registration, and donating money to a campaign for the first time in her life.
She has also written many informative blogs on Obama’s web site and was recently approached to publish an article for the "Ghost Writer's Guild."

Since the tragic day of 9/11 she has waited for an exceptional candidate that would lead our Country to peace and regain the positive leadership that other countries use to look up to. She feels Obama is that exceptional person to lead this Country into a positive change that Americans have needed for a long time.

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