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Twilight Games

Do you think the film adaptations of the Hunger Games will be as ridiculous as Twilight?

I am a big fan of the Hunger Game novels and I hear they will be making them into films. I am concerned however, that the Hunger Games will have a similar appeal like Twilight had. Do you think all the young little girls will become obsessed with it and the movies will be made really cheesy and romantic instead of bold and raw. I would hope that Lionsgate will have taste when making this movie and not make it another Twilight. Thoughts?

No- Suzanne Collins is doing the adaptations herself, isn't she? Plus, little girls might be a bit more turned off by this because of all the violence. Twilight was a little... um... 'suspenseful' at times (kind of, not really), but that is nothing compared to the Hunger Games. I mean, come on. A guy gets ravaged by large, mutated dogs.

Besides, it isn't really a love story... there's a bigger picture. And if that is taken away, I will be so upset, my anger will be so *strong*, that Suzanne Collins just might feel a disturbance.

But those are my thoughts. :D