Thomas the Tank Engine Gordon


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Thomas the Tank Engine Gordon
I say, chaps! One has heard One election results has'n't One? Is this engine, called Gordon? Like Thomas?

In "Thomas the Tank Engine" is not an engine named Gordon. is not that nice Mr Prescott called the fat controller? The way in which she was smiling and radiant I figured someone had just said that the election results! Cycwynner Hey, did you know that the Queen Mother was to appoint a locomotive "Royal Anglian Regiment and slipped up and said" Royal Anglican Regiment "

Just for the record, by the dredged from my memory from 1 to 3 forms, I seem to recall that "Gordon" was "True Blue" with a version of "Blue Sky", unlike the Flying Scotsman, which was a bit lighter than the British Racing Green ", you must never, never confuse these horses last day" noble battle "with" dark brown "mules, LNER or LMS or employees. While other boys were Noggin and Snogging, which had placed off for Crewe and Doncaster on a train and return spree stains, wet, hungry and tired but very happy to have "collected" another of our favorites. By the way "We" (HM and I) have a number of hobbies in common: the steam engine, planting trees, horses and dogs (which differ here I am in favor of herding dogs that have to work for life, not only friendly corgis bark). PS on ordering a new "oo", loc. to celebrate the results of the elections - they call the Royal Scots - or Cameron Highlands, but make sure it is or "blue" or "green", any shade will do. pps the Royal Anglican Regiment "is probably an underpinning of the" March on Christian Soldiers "a mistake in good faith, viz. PPA Thumb down because someone does not like dogs? or steam engine? or love "Brown" steam engine? Go in peace son - Pax vobiscum (in a purely biblical sense).

All aboard: collectors, enthusiasts accumulate Kingston There was a time when the railroad did not run, and that day is today, to paraphrase to Gordon Lightfoot .[...]

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Gordon, Controller of Big Engines (Thomas the Tank Engine)

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