Thomas the Tank Engine Percy


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Thomas the Tank Engine Percy
I lost the instructions and need help with Thomas the Tank Engine toy.?

This toy features Thomas, Terrance and Percy. It's a track with a tray freight yard and feeding the coal mines, coal mines.Terrance hands it to Thomas, who leads the bin, Percy is contained in the fuel station and hands again in front of Terrance. I need instructions to put back together. We bought it on the west coast and I could not find it on the east coast. If you know the manufacturer, which would helpful. Thank you!

I'm pretty sure it's made by Tomy. Sad to say, but I have two sets. I do not know if I have the instructions or not. I'm Feeling to look ahead and let u know if I have them. It did not matter in this toy too, Terrance does not move very well. And the balls of "coal" lost very easily.

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