Tomb Raider Doll


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Tomb Raider Doll
need for a guide for Tomb Raider Legend?

when Lara is in England (in the early stages), Lara is in a place with some dolls if you press some funds they talk about. (which are in 3 groups) what Lara can do here? How can you go across a wooden door? hey I do not need links. Please TRAIL

After the scene, Lara will be inside that old museum. Turn right and, with the Magnetic Grapple, hook metal and shooting. Then move the big box on the left below the opening where the metal part was, jump in the box and then into the opening. Shoot the box inside this space for a bronze cross. Grapple and pull the other shining metallic grating and down. - Checkpoint Wow, is not new. Walk to the door on the left, and as he approaches her, jump and grab the edge of the window to the right. Vault to grab another ledge and go beyond that door. Drop down and activate the power main. - Checkpoint Climb the vertical pole on the left of the power generator and climb, and jump on the ledge before he jumped. No falls or Lara will die, because there is a cable broken electric water underneath, and it's raining, so I would get electrocuted. Drop to the edge of the window and proceed to the other two and then jump to the right (not drop) on the ground, where no water. Open the door. This is the same area where the level of travel, turn left and then left again to reach a sword, use the Action button to pull it so that the door be opened.

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Tomb Raider Dolls

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