Twister Game


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Twister Game
What is your most embarrassing moment while in the game Twister?

Come on, I'm sure you have one or two to share ... lol

lol ripping his pants, but it was only me two seconds after my first one out ... UGH

The last song is playing in the airways is self confessed sex addict of Britney Spears singing with passion a sexual act called ménage à trios or trios. Three people have sex have been a very popular movie scripts, music videos and tabloid gossip. Threesomes play an important role as swing couples has been part of the evolution of open relationships.

Fantasies about sex in groups or trios are very common in society. In a recent ABC News poll found that 14% of all adults surveyed who admitted his part in threesome sex and an impressive 21% of the fantasy of this evil act. The great thing about a ménage à trios is the case of 3 persons who have sex together in any combination you want. It can be two men and a woman, the way depicted in the video of Britney Spears latest music called "3", where he sings "Peter, Paul & Mary Getting 'down with 3P. It may also be two women and one man or three men or three women, all depends on the sexual desires and sexual orientation of those involved.

A Frequently Asked Question on this topic is why people participate in group sex? It's a case of triple pleasure in ways you never imagined and positions worthy of a game of Twister. A lot of women like double penetration (vaginal and anal) at the same time and participate more-some sex they are getting maximum satisfaction. The men instead the idea of love from their partners be bisexual or bi-curious and they have it in their power to stimulate the 2 partners simultaneously.

It is said that the trio have been the beginning of polyamory relationships. Many married couples who are tired of the lifestyle roll and just want to spice up your sex life, occasionally enjoy group sex. The reason is that sex is not as regular and requires both imagination and sensitivity - essential elements that can actually help a marriage to overcome certain issues.

Britney Spears sings "Living in sin is the new "and actor Gerard Butler seems to agree with her. Butler readily admitted in an interview with Alexa Chung, who had a trio in the last year. Who can blame him when this male fantasy played many times on the big screen in movies like "Wild Things" and "Vicky Cristina Barcelona. "

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World Record Twister Game

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