Up Down Roller Coaster


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Up Down Roller Coaster

There are a lot of measurements in Roller Coaster Kingdom to determine various factors including the speed at which level, how many coins you doing, how their visitors are feel about their neighbors park and how to interact with your park. However, one of the most confusing, largely because it appears in many other Facebook games, is the of the excitation points. The excitation points are a way to measure how engaged their users in particular point. If the points are high, the trip will be popular. If the points are low, the trip is not, and you'll earn less cash. But we need to balance how many points you have and how much rides cost, because, before reaching level 25, you also need to get a lot of experience points to level up.

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Balance of excitation points

Emotion points are large if your only goal is to get more coins. But no, they are so great if you want more XP per trip. The key here is maintaining a good balance between them. If you focus leveling, your goal should be only bored increasingly numerous points of emotion on every trip that is needed to keep its visitors. Too much and start earning too much money per trip. Because only get 1 XP per trip, no matter how exciting it is, this can be a problem and can lead to very long routine at the level 25 if you are not careful.

How Max points out in excitement level 25

Once they reach level 25 however, forget everything you just learned because you have every emotion possible points. Reach the stars and get updates. This means having as neighbors as possible and ensure that the rides that has reached a maximum at the highest levels of PE with the participation of as many visitors as possible.
Upon reaching level 25, you want have the most exciting theme park entertainment around. If you can not do that, you'll probably never get the qualification you are looking for super high in their park. However, you must balance how to handle their emotions when points are still at a lower level so that you can gain the XP you need to level up. If you can do both successfully, you will find that the excitation points are a fun addition to the game that makes building their park experience much more profound.

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