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Vtech Vsmile Game
Anyone own VFlash Vtech or Fisher Price Smart Cycle?

I'm debating between a VFlash or Smart Cycle for my daughter's fourth birthday, but my son had a Vsmile and that was rubbish, but we had no problems with it. bought a second thought we just got a bad, and that was rubbish too. Vtech hear has improved its systems, but I went to ToysRUs and had the VFlash marked down from $ 80 to $ 50 for cleaning and had no games for it, so I am concerned that may be getting discontinued and I will not be able to find games and accessories. I have not been able to find comments to each line of toys. I am also concerned that can too young for the two, but I thought if I could have fun toying with them now grow in them. Anyone own any of them, and are willing to give me information on how satisfied you are with him? THANK YOU!

The VFlash is old and definitely interrupted, so you can not find any software for the project - at the top of the V Tech never had a lot of software titles for the console in the first place. It is also for a higher age group so maybe too complicated for her daughter. The V Smile has been remodeled and the new model is called V Smile Motion - It's the same idea as the V Smile, except the controllers are wireless and work with motion sensors (V Tech is obviously trying to capitalize on the popularity of Nintendo Wii Wireless concept) and can connect to the Internet for content dowloadable more. You can use all the previous software V Smile too. Do not sound like too much of a significant difference when I feel like running out of a buy it personally. The Smart Cycle is fine, but some of the disadvantages include - 1. The size is the size of a small child's bicycle, for you need to have the space to connect. 2. Even after a year on the market there is still plenty of software titles available - everything you ever 6 games we see are the same wherever you go. 3. You should follow the installation instructions to the T or screw the whole thing up and will not be able to use it (until you call Fisher Price for a spare part) All of them are good for kids 3-8 just buy the software appropriate for your child's age and skill level. Personally Leap Frog I have always found to be the best option for children with learning electronics. We've used everything from reading systems (Leap Pad) to hand helds (Leapster L Max). PROP Salto products are easy to use and understand, there are always plenty of selection available when it comes to software that is an advantage when it is three children of different ages and skill circles and in general the children enjoy them and use them more. The smile pockets V and V we collect dust in the basement against Leapsters we have in the car are a testiment to that. Good luck.

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V.Smile Motion Active Learning System

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