Wheels on the Bus Game


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Wheels on the Bus Game
and songs to sing and play games with 6 months of age?

My daughter and I go to a group called rebound Tuesday and tickle aimed at children of school age Recently, we and about 7 other babies around 5-9 months has begun to go, we are trying to find new songs and games, which seem to enjoy contact and songs such as moving head shoulders knees and toes, row, row, row ur boat, the wheels on the bus, Incy Wincy etc. Any ideas on new things to do? thanks tree we reward those already doing Humpty slightly different, but thanks anyway!

Wind Up the coil was a big hit with my 1st son as in 5 Little Ducks went swimming. If we have a song that had no stock so I made them up! Our group of young children Humpty Dumpty - the child sits on your lap as you sit on the floor knees bent then when Humpty falls gently drop legs with his son sat in his then move the legs for 'kings and horses If you need words and actions to these then you can check out this, and found the wind of the coil and 5 Little Ducks -- check out the homepage for loads more! % 20The% http://www.landofnurseryrhymes.co.uk/htm_pages/Wind 20Bobbin% 20Up.htm

Cyclists tend to abuse Responding to get two wheels on the road: cyclists tend to abuse the car drivers for their problems on the road. However, not all non-aggressive themselves. I like walking, but have been beaten twice by cyclists while on the sidewalk. On both occasions, there were signs indicating the bike must not be mounted there. The last time I was beaten without getting off the bike rider after the collision ...

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Wheels on the Bus : iPhone gameplay

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