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Whiz Kid Learning
Where is the best place to find good practice?

I can run a nonprofit (NYC) and am looking for Whiz Kids 2 credits university they want and a great opportunity to learn everything about a nonprofit organization.

My experience has been that you will work with the schools directly to create the internship program for credit. The easiest place to start is the placement office and who can answer your questions or put you in touch with the right people. For me, the State University department manages internships and the "job description determines whether the student is something that may receive credit. The Technical School (Vo-Tech) is handled by the instructor and for them it is a day school - so the number of hours is more important, together with assessments of their abilities. The Community College operates through its department of employment and private business school uses both placement their department and their instructors. He also successfully obtained from the local interns WIA (Workforce Investment Act) program - they are paying for workers displaced persons to obtain job skills and usually have some type of volunteer experience or internship related to many of the people who are paying to attend the training / school. Remember to make sure you get to interview them and have the right to reject those who do not want to work in your organization. It is almost impossible to "fire" an intern for credit, once the agreement is signed contracts with the school to provide the service to its students, has only a number limited things that allow you to end the practice. Hope this helps and good luck!

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4 year old learning about the internet

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