Wooden Stacking Construction Set


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Wooden Stacking Construction Set

Toy blocks are far from being obsolete. Although there have been a traditional toy of many generations, the blocks offer many benefits that continue to top lists wishes of parents and children alike.

Babies and toddlers often enjoy soft blocks are easy to understand and more land soft when they fall. Furthermore, these blocks can be filled mouth and bite without finding the corners and hard edges. However, the solid wooden blocks are the most durable and provide years of enjoyment. Even babies enjoy playing with wooden toys. From about 15 months, many children like small cube-shaped blocks can be stacked and sorted. Breaking down a tower may be the most fun - try rolling a soft ball for some basic bowling. At this age, toys are yet to inedibility pass tests - so be sure to choose the blocks that are too large to swallow, with smooth surfaces and non-toxic paint.

For children slightly older, a brand called Melissa and Doug offers a child-friendly set of cardboard blocks that are stacked three feet high. Combining various features like nesting, stacking, and are decorated to the parties.

Toy alphabet blocks that feature letters, numbers, animals and other forms that have great potential. From the preschool years can be used to introduce the letter and shape recognition. Later, the children enjoy making words as they begin to understand phonics and reading. And even when they read fluently, the possibilities remain endless construction.

The blocks are available from Melissa and Doug and other brands in various groups according to the interests of a child. There are blocks in vibrant primary colors, unpainted blocks in architectural ensembles, and even establishes that comes with a small wagon. Children can make complex structures with a wide range of shapes and sizes - from turrets and towers to the columns and cornices. Young construction experts enjoy the creation of stunning buildings, car-lovers can make tunnels, roads and garages, and princesses can build castles and cities. The possibilities are endless, and it is this invitation to imaginative play that makes wooden blocks, a part of every classroom. Toy Blocks can be the building material and cargo, as well as people and animals.

When children play with wooden blocks, they enjoy playing and the holding of solid forms, they learn about balance and gravity, and can share and cooperate. Block develops hand-eye coordination, and promotes cognitive learning. Children create things from your imagination, learn mathematics and basic understanding of geometric shapes, and experiment with patterns, weight, and comparisons. Language skills of children at play to explain what they have done and how it works.

For all these reasons, the blocks of toys are considered one of the best developmental toys. Researchers have found that creative play with the principles of blocks:
• Increase capacity space in preschoolers,
• leads to higher scores in math later in high school,
• Develop skills to solve problems,
• improved social skills (when the cooperative construction projects, construction) and
• supports the development language.

Of course, not just the blocks that offer these benefits. It's also about how children play with blocks, and that they play. Sit down and show your child how to build. Suggest a construction project of interest. Demonstrate how to bring characters seek in the game. And make a game fun, cooperative, sometimes even friends. Definitely going to like it too!

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Joe Kanooga is a father of two kids, a successful business owner and the author of numerous articles about blocks toys. Click here to download our free Melissa and Doug guidebook filled with tips, ideas and information.

Article Source: ArticlesBase.com - Melissa and Doug Blocks Toys Promote Cognitive Development

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