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Zelda Toys
Is this a fair price for my N64?

I'm most likely going to sell my N64 to my neighbor who lives on the street. I told him to sell it for $ 100. Need know if this is a fair price for: -2 controllers-N64 memory card (in front of the system)-All the hooks of companies required to play 11 games:-Mario Party-Mario Party 3-Knockout Kings 2000-NHL 98-separatist Toy Story 2 Mario Tennis-Legend of zelda ocarina of time legend of zelda majoras mask-Mario Kart 64 Super Smash bros. Donkey Kong 64-The only reason I'm skeptical, because some of these games are classics. So I say is $ 100 at a reasonable price or lower? Or should I not even sell it? Also the thing is I want a new video card for my computer. I might need this money. Then again i might not.

too low. I'd say like 150 dolllars or more. GameStop is for you and for 50, but on eBay you might be able to sell more

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